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Hi There,

Welcome to OSXLATITUDE.com - a nice little forum for people who like to run OSX on their computers (both Desktop and Laptop).

My name is Leon, I'm part of the group called Elites, we are the nerds running this site and its services - i'll like to tell you a bit about how everything works here and why we do it.


Our services...
We offer a set of services that makes it easy for you:

  • Forum - That's where you are right now
  • Wiki style - A set of guides and information to make it easy to-do-it-yourself
  • EDP - A package of scripts, kexts, DSDT, etc. that makes your Dell* able to run OS X


*) due to my history we got started with supporting DELL Latitude Laptops. But you can find Laptops (and Desktop workstations) from other manufacturers in EDP too. All the way back to OSX 10.6 Snow Leopard, and all the way up to the latest MacOS X 10.x versions.


osxlatitude.com/edp/ is a package of scripts, kexts, dsdt etc. - some made by us, others made by other communities and people - we do in NO way try to take credit for work that is not ours - as said before; we are using kexts that other people have created, and while its hard to keep track on who did what - we are pretty sure that those people know.. and they have our deepest respect and admiration, what we do take credit for is:

1. Packing and testing EDP
2. The scripts that we have added to EDP
3. dsdt's included in the package

Stable releases of EDP is on our wiki, you can freely download and use them - Test versions, meaning - the package that we are currently working on, is released to Beta testers and VIP users.


Personally, we don't need donations, but donations do help keep the site running and it gives us a chance to buy some laptops to test on for research, these laptops are sold again so new models can be introduced into EDP. - in some cases, we might even choose to donate some of those contributions to other people who have helped with the EDP package.

Donating is your choice, as long as you understand, that we do not charge money for the work we do, so if you donate - we thank you by giving you early access to our work, its not a payment, its our humble way of saying thank you!

The Groups..
Like so many other sites, we have split ourselves into groups.

1. Elites, The core that work to maintain the site, services and EDP - you can not apply for this group, we will contact you to become a member of the Elites.
2. VIP Members, People who donate atleast $20USD: https://www.paypal.me/osxlatitude/usd
4. Normal Members, thats most likely you



 You can read more about that, on other places on the forum smile.gif like in our 'Forum Rules'.


Again, welcome to OSXLATITUDE, we love to have you here and its cool you dropped by, and remember - your ideas is our vision.

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