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Dell 15 5548 - Latest Mojave Zero Success


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I have 2 other laptops and a PC running mojave no problem but my 5548 is stumping me.

I can't even start an install as I'm reaching panics and lockups.


I'm striking out on the clover configs for sure. I have tried swapping every EFI folder possible but no luck.


Createmedia usb no problem


(2) Install Clover with following config, add appropriate Bootpack to /EFI/Clover



Install for UEFI booting only

Install Clover in the ESP







Install Clover Preference Pane 

Finally add to Drivers64UEFI\HFSPlus.efi (not included in Clover installer)


Anyhelp appreciated, thank you


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I have been loading up every mojave image I can find, patching in but stuck right away.

I don't want to waste your time posting a log that isn't even in the ballpark of correct.


I have been switching usb thumbdrives and ports and I'm embarrassed to say that I'm now stuck on simple clover setup.


I have gone back to the basics:


1) Createmedia - no problem

2) Load up latest clover and change destination to usb thumbdrive - no problem

3) Select proper efi files ... Problems.


The files listed in the tutorial eg.Drivers64UEFI\DataHubDxe-64 are not listed.

The Drivers64UEFI directory is not listed.


Is this because I'm running Clover from a High Sierra Hackintosh or because I'm simply getting too old and should stick to fishing?

I was getting stuck on this so I was manually installing the 64 files but with little success, thats why I turned to the predone images.


Thank you for your time and patience, it is very much appreciated.



Dell Inspiron 5548 - BIOS A09 - i5-5200U - 2.2Ghz - 12288MB 1600 MHz - KINGSTON 240GB SSD 

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I have created 4 different usb install keys, installed clover.


Was able to install above 64efi collection.

Updated them all

Copied kexts to other folder plus 15 folder

Added HFSPlus.efi to 64 folder.

Never able to add clover pane. never available (opened closed - checked different scripts just not available, ghosted out "skip". 


I am now at a circle slash state on the thumb drive booting, think I can fix that.


Any help appreciated.


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Yeah, the preference pane is not available for USB installer, only after you have MacOS installed, then it's available.

The circle slash state means it's not detecting your installer...USB issue.

Probably just need to all the port limits patches by PMHeart for the version of Mojave you're installing and USBInjectAll.kext

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