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Dell E7450 Touchpad kext


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Hi guys,

I have been with Hackintosh for a month and everything just works on my Dell E7450 except the touchpad. It works but not "really work", it can move, right click and left click work but no 2-3 finger gestures. 

Please give me a solution, cause i don't want to carry a mouse (actually i never use a mouse with my laptop before hackintosh). 

I am not very good at English, so please be easy on me. 

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You can try replace ApplePS2Controller with this one, but you might encounter different issue as it's not fully supported.

You will not find any newer kext for Alps touchpad which is what it's on this system, than this one. So if this doesn't work, you're out of luck.


For me ApplePS2Controller work really stable, no jitter, very smooth scrolling with 2 fingers, tab to drag, 2 fingers right click, basic mouse movement.

You can speed it up scrolling by speeding it up in Mouse Preference.

You can also use the track stick (nub) for scrolling by installing smart scroll.app (not free).

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