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D630 ATG Mod


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I recently did the ATG swap on my D630, the only thing I don't have working is the keyboard illumination light. From the length of the ribbon I'm guessing that it connects into the ATG's LED inverter, as I am still using the normal D630 I don't see anything. Does anyone know if the inverter for the ATG is different?


I looked around on google trying to find a picture of one up close but I wasn't very successful.





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Not to much, I figured it out, this is the lis of parts needed to do the swap


*LCD back

*LCD Front bezel

*ATG 630/620 Hinges

*ATG 630/620 LCD Inverter

*ATG Power button/hinge cover

* LCD mounting brackets


The brackets are a bit difficult to find, i was able to mod my original ones with a few hours of time and a dremal. You also DON'T have to have the inverter but the keyboard illuminator won't work.. I spent about $75 in all on the swap, and it was damn worth it.

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