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E7440: "Invalid Partition Table" On Boot

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I recently got macOS Mojave running on my E7440, but when I try to boot from my SSD normally, I am presented with the "Invalid Partition Table" error. This happens in both Legacy and UEFI boots, and pressing enter only prompts a "press any key to restart" option. I am, however, perfectly able to boot into my already installed copy of macOS if I do so through the Clover USB I used to install Mojave. When googling to try and find the answer to this, I could only find people with an issue the other way around, where they get this error when attempting to boot the USB rather than the SSD/HDD. The only big change I made when formatting the drive was changing the mode from MBR to Guid. I'd hope this doesn't have anything to do with the error, because I wasn't able to install macOS to the drive when I originally formatted it to MBR.


Please don't hesitate to answer or suggest something. Thanks!

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for this model you should have UEFI Enable and Legacy Option ROMs enabled, AHCI enabled.

Drive should be formatted with GUID / Journal Extended


In Clover folder, remove the following folders: drivers64UEFI and drivers64

Now install this version of Clover with the following settings:

Install for UEFI booting only

Install Clover in the ESP

UEFI Drivers\Recommended Drivers\ApfsDriverLoader

UEFI Drivers\Recommended Drivers\AptioMemoryFix

UEFI Drivers\Recommended Drivers\AudioDxe

UEFI Drivers\Recommended Drivers\DataHubDxe

UEFI Drivers\Recommended Drivers\FSInject

UEFI Drivers\Recommended Drivers\HFSPlus

UEFI Drivers\Additional Drivers\PartitionDxe

Install Clover Preference Pane (Optional)

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Thank you lots! This got me past the IPT error once I set the boot order right, but now when I try to boot into macOS from the Clover startup menu the Apple logo appears for a split second and the computer restarts back to the Dell logo. This may have something to do with the Clover folder, as I wasn't able to find the installation directory so I couldn't delete the old driver folders. Any tips?

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Those 2 folders don't exist in my /EFI/Clover so I did it on the next place I thought would be relevant, which is my flash drive. It can still boot from that, but this hasn't fixed the issue on the main drive. Is there a directory they're in that I'm missing?

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