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[SOLVED] E5520 High Sierra


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I'm trying to install High Sierra on my e5520 and intending to dual boot with Linux - planning to add that back later so, for now, mac has the ssd all to itself (Windows was wiped long ago). I got further than I thought for a newbie, but have to admit I'm stuck.


I make it as far as installation then at about 11-8 minutes left it switches itself off. I've tried restarting the installation (I read that it can take a few times) but it just keeps failing at what seems suspiciously like the same point.


I started out following the clover guide and using the generic + 5520 Sierra bootpack (updated for High Sierra as in the note) and using the method described to keep HFS+. I then searched around and tried a few different clover install settings and tried updating and removing various kexts. Most recently, I tried following the guide and using the files for the e6220, but keeping HFS+. Still fails at the same point.


I going to guess I've missed something obvious but I'd appreciate any advice - even just where the problem is likely to be given when it keeps failing. Maybe I need to go with apfs?



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Yes to the format.


The installer (version 13.4.09) was already in the applications folder on my partner's MacBook Air.


I'm looking into getting a fresh copy but not getting the full version anymore, so that's going to take a little work it seems.


ETA: I managed to get another copy and started over following the 6220 tutorial - same result though.


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Solved! I tried apfs with the same result. Then I removed the hdd I use for data. Hit a little problem with the BIOS time, but updated that and went through the process of erasing my ssd and installing again and it finally worked.


Can't say if it would work with hfs and the hdd removed, but it might well do if that helps anyone.


Thanks for your help and for all the great guides and packs available here. I definitely couldn't have done it alone.

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