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Just dropping by to say hello.


My name is Matt. I have always been a windows guy, as it is what I grew up on.


My brother, however, is Mac through and through. He has a mac mini, and a macbook too. I got to play with those 2 Mac's, and I began to fall in Love with them........I think I have converted :)


My first Mac purchase was my own Mac Mini (a used one from EBay, a 2009 model), that I have hooked up to my HDTV for Netflix, and internet searching and what not..........This fueled the fire even more......


Now, I began looking at MacBooks, and realized this was way out of my budget, so I began researching Hackintoshes and stuff like that. I succeeded in installing Snow Leopard on an old HP NC6320, but various things did not work.......then I figured out how to install Snow Leopard on an AMD PC, and this was an awesome, yet long, journey, but I love it.....


Then I found this website, and soon after, I purchased a Dell D830 due to its easy compatibility with OSX, and the loads of specific information resourced here. This was a couple weeks ago, and I must say, I am now a OSX guy, and furthermore, I Love my new Dell 'MacBook Pro' :)


Thanks to this website the conversion on this Dell was simple. I am glad I did what I did, and don't think I will be going back to Windows anytime soon!!!


Again, just wanted to say thanks to all those that put this website together, and thanks for all the research and development that you geniuses do!!!!!!



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