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[Solved] E6440: trouble instaling Mojave 10.14.6


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Folks, pretty new to all this.  I have inherited a Mac mini late 2014 which is crap and an E6440 which is pretty decent.


I'm trying to Hackintosh the E6440. My issue is the install stalls at Unsupported CPU and Unsupported PCH.  After waiting a long time it eventually boots to the MacOS Utilities, however,  my keyboard doesn't work, touchpad doesn't work (mouse plugged into usb does work) and the Disk Utility does't see my internal hard drive.


BIOS Version: A23 default settings except AHCI selected fo SATA operations

Processor: i7-4600M

Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 4600

HD: SSD Toshiba THNSNK 256GCS8


EFI folder and screen shot attached.


As mentioned I'm pretty new and have been reading tonnes of stuff on the web but any help would be greatly appreciated.



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Update.  Bios was not set to AHCI.  After setting it the systems boots as above (stalls and eventually boots).  The Hard Drive is visible in the the disk utility but wWhen I try to erase the HD and reformat for MacOS install, it crashes when it unmounts the drive (screen freezes, usb mouse and keyboard stop working CPU fan run high).

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Give this a try. Set BIOS with following settings

  • UEFI enabled
  • Legacy Option ROMs enabled
  • AHCI enabled
  • Secure boot disabled
  • XD CPU support enabled
  • Wake on AC/USB/WWAN/WLAN/LAN Off

Now, REPLACE the attached contents into /EFI/Clover

Note: If your model does not have Discrete graphics ( IE AMD or Nvidia dGPU), remove SSDT-Disable-DGPU.aml from /E/C/A/Patched


Boot with verbose mode until finished


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