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Dell Latitude E5470: OSX Catalina Update Help

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Yes, use Clover Configurator to edit your Config file to add that patch under ACPI/DSDT. Click add and enter the info exactly as I posted or

Click on the drop down list of patches and add 'Change EC0 to EC'

Then modify it to look like this, mainly the Find* and Replace


Save the file and you're set

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I just tried it again and I get the same error.. it’s strange. In order to boot Mojave again I need to go into the clover boot options and disable that patch I added. If I don’t do that it gives me the same error even on Mojave’s 

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You didn't follow my instruction properly mainly with the ECDV to EC patch.

Here's an updated bootpack. Should work on most Exx70 models. You just need to create your own USB Port kext.

This should get you rolling into Catalina. Replace contents into /EFI/Clover

Add new Bluetooth kexts for Catalina under CopyToLE

Enabled Fn+F11 and Fn+F12 for Brightness control


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