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  1. @Jake LoThanks for the Reply. How would I create this USB port Kext? is there any way you can provide me with an efi folder I can just copy over
  2. I just tried it again and I get the same error.. it’s strange. In order to boot Mojave again I need to go into the clover boot options and disable that patch I added. If I don’t do that it gives me the same error even on Mojave’s
  3. Thanks for the reply. How do I do that? I typed it in manually before doing the install and it still did it.
  4. I’m stuck at this error now and I can no longer boot
  5. Yup just did that. As for the patch I don’t have that one
  6. When I click the clover download you gave me it just installs automatically. I’m not faced with any windows asking me to check those options above
  7. I just checked and its 4920. Thanks for the reply btw. Im trying the above steps now
  8. I only updated the lilu kext and the whatevergreen kext. Are there any others I need to update? As for the clover version I’m not sure...I know I updated to the lates clover configurator. How can I check the version of clover that I have? Thanks
  9. Hi, trying to upgrade my Latitude E5470 to OSX Catalina but these are the errors I’m getting. How can I fix this? Thanks
  10. Hi I have a dell e5470 running OS X Mojave. for some reason only 2 ports work at a time...if I try to connect a third device it doesn't read it, does anyone know why? Also the sd card slot doesn't work... thanks
  11. Quick question....using clover configurator I edited my config.plist and I added the -v (verbose) boot argument. How can I remove it because I don't like all that text at startup lol. Thanks
  12. It Worked!!!! Thank you so much guys I really appreciate all the help and support! This forum is amazing!!
  13. Thank you for the reply. Unfortunately I’m not too tech savvy, would you be able to explain to me how I can do that? Thanks in advance!
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