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  1. Yup, I installed clover with those exact setting and I used the folder you posted above. It’s weird tho because I get to the install screen and It installs but when there’s about 2 minutes left the computer performs a restart and then I get the panic. Can it be I need to reformat the ssd and then install?
  2. I basically created a new bootable USB with OS Mojave and I’m trying to install it on a OS high Sierra partitioned ssd. This is the panic I get
  3. Thank you for the reply! I get to the boot screen of Mojave i click install but when the computer restarts I get a kernel panic. What options do I need when installing clover?
  4. Thanks for the reply, Here is the clover folder and ill upload the photo of the panic right after. CLOVER.zip
  5. Hi, currently running the latest version of high Sierra. I’ve tried to update to OS Mojave directly from the App Store however I’m having a kernel panic. Anyone know what I’m doig wrong or how I can fix this? Thanks
  6. Hey man, which ACPI files would these be? thanks
  7. Thanks for the reply! Here is the folder as requested.. CLOVER.zip
  8. Thanks for the reply however I never even get to the install screen. I tried setting up the USB again and still nothing. This is where it hangs. Thanks for the help!
  9. Hi everyone, I'm having an issue where I'm left hanging on the white apple logo. When I get to the clover boot screen there's no option to install however I have the option to "boot install mac osx" or something along those lines. Im fairly new to this so I don't have much experience. Would someone be able to give me a step by step guide on what to do? Thanks, Bruno
  10. Ok sounds good i won't update. ALso my mouse is really sluggish and not precise, is there any way to fix this? Also how can i get the multitouch features like scrolling on my touchpad. Thanks
  11. Also how can I update to El Capitan It downloaded fine and it installs but when I boot up the laptop is still on lion.
  12. Perfect it works thanks! However when the computer goes on standby the screen lights up but there is no image. How can I fix that?
  13. When I run the myfix it tells me many things it cannot install. Including mouse,keyboard etc.... what should I do? Thansk
  14. I tried that but it doesn't work. It downloads the software then when it reboots it gets stuck on the white apple screen with the spinning wheel my only option is to re install Lion every time. And as for the mouse the version of Lion I have is 10.7.2 whereas the boot packs are 10.7.5 does that make a difference as I am still not able to fix the problem. Thanks
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