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  1. Hi, hope everyone is staying safe with this virus. I finally found time to fix the remaining issues with my hackintosh. So I still haven’t gotten the USB port problem fixed. Only 2 ports work at a time...what can I do to fix this issue (please domain using baby steps as I’m not the best at this stuff). Also my FaceTime and iMessage don’t want to activate....how can I resolve that. thanks
  2. As for the Ethernet I’m guessing there’s no fix right?
  3. Ah crap! Alright thanks for the info I really appreciate it!
  4. hi, I successfully installed high Sierra on my laptop however the Ethernet port isn’t working. I swapped out my wireless card (since mine wasn’t compatible) for the one attached below because I had it laying around. The laptop still doesn’t read it...is there something I need to do or is this card also non compatible. thanks
  5. Where can I download a legit version of OS high Sierra? My other MacBook is running Catalina so It’s not under the purchased section
  6. I’ll stick with HS then...don’t want any problems lol! Thanks for the reply! I’ll try the install and will message if I encounter any issues
  7. Awesome! Thank you so much! I mentioned I wanted to install high Sierra however which version is the max I can go? Can I put Catalina or Mojave?
  8. Thanks for the quick reply! Here are my specs. Let me know if you need anything else.
  9. Thank you for the reply. I searched around on the forum and can’t seem to find a boot pack that is confirmed working. Do you have a link to one that is good? Thanks again
  10. Thanks for the reply. Would you be able to show me how to install the USB patch and I will try doing it separately. Maybe something went wrong in the process
  11. Hi everyone I have a dell e5420, core i3 that I am trying to hackintosh. I think the latest version I can put on it is high Sierra. What guide should I follow and what bootpack do I use? I’m starting from scratch so I’ll probably need the correct bios settings as well thanks
  12. Thank you so much this worked like a charm! The only issue I’m having now is that 2 out of my 3 USB ports work. Is that normal?
  13. The first picture is the error with the patch applied in ACPI. The second photo is without the patch and the last photo is just a picture of my ACPI settings
  14. Thanks for the quick reply. Unfortunately even after following the guide I still have the same error. If I displace the EC Path I get another error which I will also upload. CLOVER.zip
  15. Hi, I created a forum post a while back but I was unable to solve my issue with installaient Catalina so I’ve decided to try again now that I have more time. I have a dell E5470 core i5 and I’m running Mojave. What do I need to do in order to update to Catalina? If anyone can tell me step by step what to do it would be greatly appreciated! thanks in advance, bruno
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