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[SOLVED] Dell E7450 Catalina apfs module start 1683 error


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Moving to the correct support section. Please make the effort to post in the correct and relevant section in the future.


The guide you linked to has not been updated for Catalina...


This being said, you probably need to:

  1. update Clover to the latest version (eg: r5070 or r5093). At minimum, run a version like r503x/r504x/r505x (tested Ok with for Catalina beta). Install the update with same settings as for Mojave.
  2. add Clover ACPI patch renaming ECDV device to EC; this is absolutely mandatory since Catalina beta #5. You can look up the Clover config posted in my E6230 Catalina guide to that effect.
  3. update Lilu + WEG + AppleALC kexts to latest versions.


You may also look at here for guidance.


If you have an existing macOS installation, you may proceed to upgrade directly to Catalina with the downloaded package, provided you've first updated Clover, its config file and your add-on kexts as detailed above. If you proceed with a fresh/new installation, I'd recommend you reformat your target partition to HFS+ from the installer main screen before you proceed with actual installation (APFS conversion will be automatic).


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