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Fending of the wolfs

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Hi there,

Who would think that attacking a free site serves anyone any good ? A site that does not serve ads, does not download crap to your computer - a community of people from all over the world coming together for a bit of fun.

well.. that is the reality of things - we have been under attack.. and is under attack.

It makes me sad, mostly because this corner of the internet is funded by the users and an attack us OSXL is an attack on all of us.

Well, enough sour apples - as some of you have noticed we have integrated with cloudflare.. for now just the free version - but we might upgrade to a paid one.

So, if you notice that the site might not be responding or is a bit slower than usual - you know why - its not the first time and wont be the last - but we will prevail - OSXL will prevail.

Anyway guys, keep up the good work and happy hacking.


If you wish to support OSXL, please help us by donating - every little bit keeps the site online, pays for the servers and the licenses for IPboard.


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