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DW1707: working under Catalina but kext is showing errors

Cuong Tran

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Hello Hervé,

I can get my dell W1707 card working on Catalina with IO80211Family kext from Movaje but get some error.


1 - Wifi indicator not working

2 - Tx Rate: 72Mbps only

3 - Wifi card didn't list on PCI screen


Would you please help?


Thank you.








Wifi Indicator.png

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DW1707 is based on AR9565 chip. You've been using that card for some time now so you do ignore that it's not natively supported with the vanilla Atheros40 kext but with an alternative kext specifically written to support those unsupported AR946x, AR9485 or AR9565 chipsets.


These cards are known to be unreliable and I've no idea whether the kext was revised for Catalina. I bought one once and the model I received is set to JP country code; I cannot change this and the card cannot be used at all as a result. Maybe it's the same for you seeing you have a Vietnam VN country code.


Please refer to the author of the alternative kext and/or other devs working on that matter at InsanelyMac but if it works, albeit at 72Mbps (which is better than 11Mbps), consider yourself already lucky!


I've also updated our wireless card inventory for Catalina and detailed what was necessary to do with IO80211Family kext as far as Atheros card were concerned. You'll therefore have 2 x consecutive kext replacements to complete.


Alternatively, replace that M.2 card with a DW1560; I know, they're expensive but it's the only model certified to work in Hackintoshes along with squarer 3-antennas DW1830.


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