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E5550 Catalina (10.15.1) create dualboot?

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When was I install Catalina I created 3 partitions (200 gb, 200gb and 600 gb - during setup), and on first partition I installed Catalina, because on second (200gb) i want to install windows 10 and the third will be for data. So now I want to install windows on that second partition, but I dont know how to install and create dualboot.

So can someone help me please...

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I assume you have a Windows 10 boot disk available. 

Format the partition to MsDos/ Fat

Now boot with the Windows 10 installer, select the correct partition to install to

Once installed, it'll automatically boot to Windows only if my memory is correct.

Reboot with your MacOS installer, select MacOS partition to boot and reinstall Clover

Reboot and you should see both bootable option.

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So I install windows 10 and now I have in "Bios" under "Boot sequence" two options "windows boot manager" and "Catalina".

So if I remove checkmark under "windows boot manager" then normally laptop boot to Catalina, and if I remove checkmark under "Catalina" then normally boot to windows.

I try to reinstall clover with Clover 2.5.r5098 but everything stays the same and nothing happens when I turn laptop...


So, how can I repair that and get bootable option to chose on startup what OS I want to run...






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Then Catalina boot normally, still nothing ...

Here is my EFI folder, if you can check what's wrong and why it won't show startup options I'll be grateful..

It has 39 mb, so I'm uploading it to my google drive ...





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