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Mojave on X210 (custom i7-8650u board)


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I'd like to try and install OS X Mojave on my Thinkpad X210. This is a custom motherboard based on a i7-8650u CPU. I've attempted to follow this guide which has similar specs, but I get ACPI errors and a KP / boot loop when I try to boot the installer.


As the ACPI tables seem to be extracted from a working / stock BIOS, can someone either provide some pointers for how to get the above working (requests for specs welcome), or how to go about getting correct ACPI tables?





EDIT: Full spes:


- i7-8650u / UHD 620

- AMI BIOS 2.18.1236

- PS/2 trackpoint & keyboard

- 16GB (2x8GB Samsung PC4-17000)

- USB 3.0 xHCI

- Samsung 850 EVO SSD

- Conexant 20585 HD Audio

- Realtek RTL8186/8111 ethernet

- Broadcomm BCM4352 WiFi AC

- UPEK fingerprint

- Broadcomm BT 4

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Boot to Clover, press F4 and then F2. 

Now connect the installer to a working system, mount the EFI partition.

Compress and attach the Clover folder here

We'll review the native DSDT/SSDT and create patches for your particular system

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Tried it, no luck. I think there a still ACPI errors (they scroll by too fast for me to tell), but the thing that now gives a KP is:


VoodooGPIOSunrisePointLP: Failed to get GPIO Controller Interrupt


As far as I can tell.


Screenshot attached, sorry if it's small. This is a 3K screen in a 12" laptop...





EDIT: If I run it with single user & safe mode, it stops here:



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