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E6420 no screen after sleep in High Sierra


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Hi everyone,


I have a really wired problem with my Latitude E6420. I was able to install High Sierra on it as per the guide and bootpacks offered here. The system has Optimus - NVIDIA NVS4200 and Intel HD3000. The installation was using Intel graphics. Everything was working great until the system went to sleep in High Sierra. The power button was pulsating, which was ok, indicating that the system is in sleep mode. I pressed the power button and the system started to wake up - the hdd light was flashing and I could see the backlight of the LCD, but nothing was showing up on the screen. I waited a little more to see if anything will show - but nothing. Then I pressed the power button to turn off the system. It did, but after starting it up again there was nothing on the screen - no image whatsoever. No DELL logo, no BIOS - nothing. Is it possible that High Sierra has done something? Wrote something bad in the BIOS or whatever? Can somebody help with this problem? Any ideas will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


Best regards.

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