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[SUCCESS] Optiplex 3050 MFF : help to install and tune Catalina

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One little mistake ...


con1 must be con0

con2 has to become con1


you had no con0 but con0 is HDMI !


Colors ok, HDMI sound works.


You made my day and many thanks to Hervé for analyzing (some posts before)

And leaf389 should read it, his audio problem ist solved also.


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I dont hope that leaf389 has given up, My last postet configuration is absolutly stable (with sound !)


BUT, when I try to wake up after sleep then I've a short activity blinking of the HD-LED and thats all. blach screen and no further activities.


I've exactly to do two things to reanimate the machine:


1. Long press the power button until the cpu/systen fan turns off

2. Short press the power switch Power LED turns on and after a few seconds the machine turns completely off itself


Now I can press power on and it boots normal and no hint that anything was going wrong.

What happened? That's misterious. Can I fix this or is it true that it can't solved for Kaby Lake CPU and HD630 Intel graphics?


Thanks for each helpful hint








Hm. have you used my complete clover and my config.plist for testing? The injection for Audio is 11 all other ID were more or less not successful. 


Have .you taken the same kexts from my clover upload and put it to kexts/other?


Is the internal audio activated in the Dell bios? What Bios Version you use?


What is about HDMI Audio?





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No wake after sleep

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