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[SUCCESS] Optiplex 3050 MFF : help to install and tune Catalina


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It' s really not my first Hackintosh but I've come to the point to give up.

What's my problem?

Since 2 weeks I own the Optiplex 3050 MFF. Wit 4GB ( in between 16GB) RAM and preinstalled Windows 10 pro.

The Computer works without any problem (Windows)

The CPU is a i3 7100T (Kaby Lake) wih HD630 iGPU. SSD is only a 128GB but not a subject of my problem.


Own first experiments with clover - witout success ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ and freeze.

O.k. you have to learn - it's my 1st CPU of a higher generation than Haswell. No problem I take for the first help working EFIs bzw Clovers from others.

I found five examples and they all failed. Booting is not my Problem anymore, it has to do something wih the CPU Powermanagement ( Clover Flags or generating special ssdt for the i3 7100 ). Sadly not one of the example configurations were able to make my iGPU working to be honest all ends in KP ( memory panic stackshot ).

Only the boot variable -igfxvesa works without accelleration and at this moment I've no clue to come a step forward.


I've read many hours how to solve the problem. The more I read the more the confusion is growing. I try to reduce the variables leading me into this state.


1. Witch Bios shoud I use. I've a Collection of all published Bioses for the 3050 from DELL.

2. Have I possibly to patch something/anything with the grub shell?

3. and/or is this obsolete and lilu and whatevergreen will do all things (incl. DVMT patch) for me. Are other kexts and Clover flags now obsolete and should all? be removed?


Before I forget it, My Plan is, to install MOJ and possobly CAT.


My last question - can anyone help me?

Many Thanks.



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Many Thanks,


my iGPU is now accelerated, but the Desktop is pink ( and green ). This is the state of my preinstalled catalina 10.15.1.

By the way, am using the BIOS 1.11.0. Not relevant , or not so good?

Just now I'm about to install mojave but it seems, the color problem will be the same.

Maybe you know, what's going wrong.



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Are you using HDMI video output? You could be in a similar situation to that experienced with the Latitude 7490 laptop which required a patch of the (KBL) graphics framebuffer as described here. That patch consists on injecting the proper HDMI connector-type (0008 0000) into the framebuffer.

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I did all the recommended Framebuffer-con1 entry's . Sadly it helps nothing. The Desktop stays pink. For interest I installed a HighSierra 10.12.6 and all is fine, nearly ... Acceleration o.k., Colors O.k., bot no sound over HDMI. Internal sound works. By the way, the effects in Mojave and Catalina are the same (pink) and also in both no sound over HDMI like in HighSierra.

To my unanswered Question: The Bios Version has nothing to do with my Problems? Then it makes no sense to crash around with older and never versions?!  By the way : Bios Reset to defaults I've done yet. My actual config.plist I've attached.


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First I'll try the modified plist from Jake Lo and than I make the IORegOutput.

Thanks so far.

Just tested - it stays pink. The attached output includes the connector parameters from the last plist. Is this really helpful, Should I better make it under HS, and with wich clover boot options?



So, and now the output under Highsierra with all framebuffer-con entries DISABLED.:




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Additional information 2 Output from HS
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Display shows attached to [email protected], so if that's an HDMI output, set connector-type 00080000 to that 1st port.


IOReg shows:

  1. [email protected], connector-type 00040000 (i.e. DP), port #5, display connected
  2. [email protected], connector-type 00040000 (i.e. DP), port #6, no display connected
  3. [email protected], connector-type 00080000 (i.e. HDMI), port #7, no display connected


And, of course, no HDMI audio without the associated output port being set to HDMI connector type...

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