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Well since i've been here a little time now, i just thought... i need to introduce myself lol.


the name is Xsillian (or bjorn) and i'm 31 years old, i live in holland with my wife, 2 sons and my daughter.

i own a d430 wich is running snow leopard perfectly. I work in the healthcare, but i've been hobbying with pc's, laptop, game console, routers, servers, navigation etc for a really long time... (somewhere back in the early 90's i believe or maybe even the late 80's)


I come in peace and i'm about 1 week away from starting 2 new projects... first my dell optiplex that needs to be osx'ed and i'm starting a custom build... a old radio (1952) that's gonna be a housing for a dell d430 and needs to turn into a itunes server.. so osx is needed for this one also....

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