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my findings d630 10.6.8


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Hi just bought a d630 with nvidia card and installed 10.6.8 on it


I found a few peculiar things


If I run latest edp my dell dw 1395 card in not recognised in 10.6.8 although I have applied broadcom 43 rev 2 kext

Solution went to earlier edp changed dsdt and rest and bang card working.......


I also did not like booting with graphic enabler =yes screen would flash a few times b4 loading

so changed graphic enabler to no and that solved the problem now card is shown as nvidia quadro instead of 8400gs


Also sleep works without bios password dont know if that works like that anyway on nvidia I know it does not with intel cards


the only thing I found not working is brightness slider in system preferences but then you can use the keyboard


I run in 32bit not 64

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