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E7450: DW1820A not working after turn off/turn on

lee ratanak

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Please detail the config you use for your DW1820A (Clover properties injection + eventual kexts) and specify the card's part number/subsystem id.


How do you turn the card off and back on? Keyboard (soft) button or macOS own controls? No such issue with the DW1820A I use in my Latitude 7490 but only the macOS controls work (not the soft button). Same behaviour with the other BCM4350 cards I have.


With regards to wireless, DW1820A and other BCM4350 cards should require no kexts; too many people keep using kexts to make their card appear as Airport or whatever but it really is not required. Things should be kept simple!


Talking of simple, what drives you to turn off the wireless then back on again?

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