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Dell inspiron 3558: KP trying to install Mojave


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On 6/6/2018 at 4:57 AM, Jake Lo said:

ok, sorry. Give this a try.

Replace Config and place all DSDT/SSDT into /EFI/Clover/ACPI/Patched replacing the old


Hi! I downloaded this archive from here for my dell inspirion 3558 laptop too, but it not working.

Intel core i5-5200u

HD 5500 Graphic


Bios A10

HDD 750Gb

I'm trying to start Mojave. 1st time KernelPanic (very deldom), 2nd time (everytime) "This version of this MacOS X is not supported on this platform", flash inserted in USB 2.0

And can i start my Nvidia 920m graphic card?


Full report from AIDA64 in archive.


P.S. Sorry for mistakes in the text. I'm from Russia :)




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If you have nvidia, then your system is not the same as the OP, so the files won't work for you.

Also Optimus is not supported in OSX meaning the nvidia can not be use and will need to be disabled via DSDT/SSDT patching to save energy.


Try this, replace into /EFI/Clover


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after installation, the boot macOS icon disappears into Clover, there is only to run Windows and run the macOS installer.  I prescribe this command in the uefi shell: fs1: \ System \ Library \ CoreServices \ boot.efi and a screen appears that says "this version of this macOS x is not supported on this platform"

But in front of this inscription, I tried to take a photo of screen and this is what happened:




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