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I can't install Mojave on a Dell 6520 laptop


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I can't install Mojave on a Dell 6520 laptop. I need help from you on the forum. I am very grateful for someone to help me.

Configure My Computer:

- CPU Type:  Mobile DualCore Intel Core i7-2620M, 3200 MHz (32 x 100)

- Motherboard Name: Dell Latitude E6520

- Motherboard Chipset:  Intel Cougar Point QM67, Intel Sandy Bridge

- Device Description:  Intel(R) HD Graphics 3000



Can someone guide so I can install macOS Mojave successfully.

Thank you !

Have you a beautiful day !


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Mojave has no official support for HD3000. You'd have to resort to special tricks that also need to be re-applied after each update, including Security ones. Those tricks only provide somehow-limited OpenGL-only graphics acceleration and are not 100% defect free.


Given that support for HD3000 has been buggy enough since El Capitan, I can only discourage you to try and run Mojave on this laptop. My advice is to stick to High Sierra, the last version to officially and natively support HD3000 graphics. You'll find plenty guidance for that on the forum.

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