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Atermiter X79 Hackintosh Mojave Catalina


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Built an Hackintosh Recently with the following Specs:

Atermiter X79G motherboard 45$

Xeon E5-2650V2 ~50$


Nvidia GT 710 graphic card:

sanddisk 500GB SSD


You can directly install Mojave without modifying anything in the bios... using this EFI..

But if you have to install/upgrade to Catalina 10.15.2, before installing or upgrading 


Virtualization support - CPU configuration

disable VTX-D - North bridge. 

Disable USB ECHI support


Post installation you can enable them again. Had no issues with virtualization performance etc...

Boots in less than 10 seconds.


All working - except small static in AUDIO... (hardly noticeable, but goes away once you play something)... 


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I installed Mojave with your EFI on Atermiter X79 and got some issues. Main issue is it freeze OS sometimes and need to fine solution for it.


Xeon E5-2630 6-core 2.3GHz 15MB

3x SK Hynix DDR3 1333mhz 4GB ECC 10600R

Nvidia GeForce GT610

Lexar 128GB SSD


Issues I got with your EFI:

- Freeze OS randomly (no idea what is a source of this problem, I have checked Temps and is 45-50* all time even on stress test)

- Does not stand up after sleep (just turn off sleep)

- Safarii Tabs are black.


Thanks for sharing your efi any way :)

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nVidia GeForce GT610 is Fermi and has no support since Sierra/High Sierra; last fully and properly supported in El Capitan. Start by replacing your graphics card by a supported model. Only nVidia Kepler cards are supported under Mojave and Catalina (eg: GK208-based GeForce GT710/720/730 and other previous model).

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Sir, you are a savior.

Atermiter x79 + E5 2643 + RX 560

Flawless installation with your EFI and bios settings, updated to 10.15.7 with no issues.

Confirm audio issue. Should also warn every atermiter owner from trying to send mac to sleep - it won’t boot anymore until you reset cmos

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