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  1. Thanks for reply @Hervé. If not not Ge-force what AMD graphic cards can you recommend ? I`m not really good with Mac hardware so not sure what is supported. I also think to try maybe opencore instead.
  2. I installed Mojave with your EFI on Atermiter X79 and got some issues. Main issue is it freeze OS sometimes and need to fine solution for it. Spec: Xeon E5-2630 6-core 2.3GHz 15MB 3x SK Hynix DDR3 1333mhz 4GB ECC 10600R Nvidia GeForce GT610 Lexar 128GB SSD Issues I got with your EFI: - Freeze OS randomly (no idea what is a source of this problem, I have checked Temps and is 45-50* all time even on stress test) - Does not stand up after sleep (just turn off sleep) - Safarii Tabs are black. Thanks for sharing your efi any way
  3. Hi everyone I have problem with catalina installation on my dell precision 3510. Some people told me I need ssdt?? Is anyone who can help me with this?
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