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Dell 7490: No Thunderbolt on TB/USB-C port


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I have a 7490 with Thunderbolt and followed Hervé's guide. I'm still on Mojave for what it's worth. I can confim I have the same issue with the USB-C port as reported here. I have a WD15 Dock which works fine on the USB-C port, althought it doesn't work if I hot swap it - it must be plugged in before I turn on the 7490.


When plugging in a flash drive into the USB-C port, it doesn't pickup the drive at all. On the same machine but booted into Linux, it works fine.


I was trying to get Thunderbolt to work myself but I've not had much luck. If I connect the 7490 to an iMac using Thunderbolt, it shows up as a Thunderbolt enabled PC. However it shows this before the 7490 even boots into macOS and I believe it's supposed to detect that it's a Mac connected when macOS is booted. If I boot the same 7490 into Linux with the Thunderbolt cable still connected to the iMac, the iMac shows it's an Ubuntu device connected.


I can see a Thunderbolt 3 NHI PCI device at 8086,15d9 but it doesn't seemed to be properly loaded. It might need to be added to the config.plist but I'm not sure what sort of property keys and values it needs. I'd be happy to test anything if anyone else has any ideas.


iMac with 7490 Connected running macOS

iMac with 7490 Connected


iMac with 7490 Connected running Ubuntu

iMac with 7490 Connected


Thunderbolt 3 NHI PCI Device



IOReg showing the PCI device



System Profiler showing no drivers loaded




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