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No Bluetooth on Dell D630


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This is my first post and I would first like to express my appreciation for all the hard work that must have gone into the software/firmware that is used on these installs. I followed the instructions on this webpage and everything went flawlessly! So Thank You for all your work. Now....


I have two questions:


1. I have a D630-NVIDIA laptop except I have no wifi. I've looked around the other forums and found that the 16** dell cards wont work as of yet. While I'm pretty sure that's my problem.. Is there somewhere where I can find out exactly what model of card I'm using? I've looked through the BIOS and all it says is "Dell Wireless". Which isn't very helpful...


2. I have no bluetooth either. I've seen in other forums that people are using the D630's with bluetooth so I guess my question is, why isn't Lion see my bluetooth card? I've been through the BIOS and made sure that the bluetooth is enabled and it works with my windows7 install, so is there something I should install? or change?x




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