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E5440 Catalina From Scratch


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So I had E5440 Mojave 10.14.2 with Windows Dual Boot. Never been able to upgrade MacOS in place with Dual Boot, so I started on Catalina from scratch.

I looked to see if there was a pack available for Catalina, but couldn't locate in thread below, which is what I've always used as starting point

While booting from my USB installer, I'm getting stuck at ...




Googling informs, this normally relates with having to go back on the BIOS version. However knowing I had Mojave working, does not seem to be my issue.

If anyone has 5440 pack, or tell me what kexts I got wrong. Have attached my Clover zip.


Thanks much!




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Aah...I just removed the DSDT, and I was able to boot to screen to select language. Laptop Trackpad does not work though and I did take the lastest VoodooPS2Controller from Rehabman links. For now moving ahead with install using PS2 Mouse. If something obvious I'm missing on the trackpad, kindly reply.

PS - Even Enter key does not seem to work.

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Thank you for clarification on VoodooPS2Controller. I followed all instructions from your original thread. Looking quite good except for below mostly minor issues.


Mouse works of course. However, one issue is I cannot use the trackpad on laptop to click. In Settings, when I click Trackpad, it says there is none found, but I think that's referring to the Apple Trackpad - a separate device. So this is the only difference from 10.14 as far as mouse is concerned.


Sleep seems to work. I can put manually to sleep and I can wake it up pressing power button. I can close lid and it will go to sleep. After I open lid, it wakes up but display does not come on until I click mouse. This is not really a problem.


Rear USB does not work,  but the two, one on each side do. I will find out if the rear USB is the 3.0 port. Another thing not too worried at this time.


Sound works.


Camera does not work :-(


Bluetooth not found. I recall I had fixed it by patching kext in S/L/E. I will try again.


So Mouse and Bluetooth pressing issues. Will research more and share CLOVER folder. Camera at the end (unless it is related to bluetooth!)


Much obliged, as always.



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