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Is Mojave possible on D630?


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T8100 is Penryn with SSE4.1 instructions set so all macOS versions released to date can be installed on the nVidia model (GMA X3100 models are out of the scene since Mountain Lion).


However I don't recommend it because:

  1. Mojave (and later) no longer support the old Tesla NVS 135M dGPU.
  2. Special tricks have to be applied to gain limited/OpenGL-only (and occasionally buggy) graphics acceleration and they have to be re-applied after each OS update.
  3. OS updates can turn into quite a challenge. For experts only to be truthful...
  4. Due to the graphics limitations, performance tends to be quite poor under Mojave and later, even with T9x00 CPUs so it'll be worse with T8x00 given their reduced L2 cache.

Honesty dictates to advocate sticking to High Sierra for a regular/normal/enjoyable use but you may consult this guide for Mojave & Catalina:



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