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[Solved] Dell E6540: USB woes


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Hello all,

I'm running 10.14.5 on my Dell E6540. After using USBInjectAll.kext for a while, I decided to make my own SSDT or kext and limit the ports. I used Hackintool and USBMap to create 2 different kexts, then combined them since neither was 100% functional.

Layout is as follows:

PR11 - internal Bluetooth
PR21 - internal webcam
HS01, 02, 03, 06 External USB 2.0
SS01, 02, 05, 06 External USB 3.0

External physical ports are 4, 1 HS and 1 SS per port.

I'm having the following 2 issues:

Only SS01/HS01 is capable of charging my iPhone- the phone itself is not recognised and IOReg shows enumeration count fail increasing- in all other ports it's in a connect/disconnect loop.
HS02 will not recognise a usb 2.0 stick even though all other ports will, in IOReg the enumeration fail count increases every time I plug/unplug.


Please have a look at my clover folder, any help would be appreciated. If you see any other irregularities there let me know, I'd love to perfect it. I'm also having black screen after wake, opening the lid is not enough and need to press any button to get the screen to wake, but should probably make another post about it.




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Thanks for the quick reply,


To my embarrassment - and after experiencing the same issues with your kexts - I realised that my iPhone cables were actually at fault(2 of them!), and the HS02 port doesn't enumerate usb2.0 devices in Windows either, so it's a hardware issue.


After having a look at your kext, I noticed that USB3.0 ports are SSPx instead of SS0x, could you explain why? Given that both kexts seem to do the same job correctly, why should I choose one over the other? You also have 3 entries that don't have a hardware equivalent, HS04, HS13 and SSP3, I removed them and didn't notice any difference, yet I don't know if I have to mess with the port count value in the kext or not(I noticed anyway that the port count was 15 even though the actual ports were 11, so I guess it doesn't make a difference anyway, right?).


Thanks again!


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