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Improving the D630 Trackpoint...


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As any lover of the trackpoing/pointing stick/nipple mouse will tell you, the best version of it is the Thinkpad one.....and the Dell one STINKS!!!! (YMMV)


I've done a handy mod to make mine a bit more like the Thinkpad version I'm used to.





Basically the stick on the Dell trackpoint is a bit shorter than the Thinkpad one (2mm vs 3mm), so it has less leverage. This makes it harder to move the thing! I tried using a Thinkpad nipple to get more leverage, but unfortunately the hole for the Thinkpad nipples is slightly too big for the "stick" bit of the Dell.


So the idea with this mod is to modify a Thinkpad nipple to fit onto a Dell trackpoint.



Parts Needed:


1) Thinkpad trackpoint nipple (pennies from ebay)

2) Some Polymorph plastic (about 10 grains) (numerous places)

3) Some form of oil (I used olive oil) + a small brush (probably optional but used for safety)

4) Matchstick



Polymorph is a fantastic type of plastic that melts (well softens) at about 60C, when it sets though it's very similar to the Nylon plastic used to make gears in cameras etc.




1) Melt some polymorph in a small amount of water. (I do this in the microwave, but the official instructions say to use hot water & measure the temperature). If you use a microwave, be very careful as very hot Polymorph burns and sticks like hot glue!


2) Stuff the inside of the Thinkpad nipple with polymorph, & use the end of the matchstick to begin a hole to take the "stick" bit from the trackpoint.


3) Trim off the excess Polymorph.


4) (OPTIONAL) Paint the trackpoint stick with a very small bit of oil, this is to prevent the polymorph sticking to it!


5) Pop the polymorph stuffed nipple in some hot water to make sure the polymorph is nice an soft.


6) Once the polymorph is soft (clear), remove the matchstick, dry the nipple and press fit it onto the trackpoint.


7) Wait for the polymorph to cool (a few mins), remove the nipple, wipe off the oil & reinstall.


8) Enjoy.

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