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[unSOLVED]E6320 High Sierra Freeze


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Thanks of all help getting up and running machine. It's been getting better and better but so far one major issue keeps annoying usage.


Problem is that everything visible freezes but if there was video running background.. i can still hear soundtrack without problem and i can move cursor but nothing is responding anymore and needs force shut down.


I am too hard to give up at anything so i make this thread to continue what people keeps doing around internet trying solve this issue with HD3000.


My setup:

Did open some hidden bios options and changed Gtt size, aperture size, Gfx low power mode.. and so.

i5 version


12GB ram

Removed whatevergreen


I have got explanations that it could be..

*HD3000 memory bug via Clover.

*Clover nvram emulation (EmuVariableUefi-64.efi)

*Screen EDIS info injection or screen refresh rate mod *For glitches but i have second monitor attached..

*CPU VT-d problem

*HD led blinks so it could be AHCI kext..  *No affect

*Quicklook bug https://discussions.apple.com/thread/8506070


What helps..

*More ram less glitchy.



At moment trying different set of HD3000 kexts than HS own ones and yesterday i didn't got it freeze yet but i keep updated.


#UPDATE; Now has been full 5 day working and NO FREEZE crashes. Only glitches... Apart once did happen blackout during day and i didn't have battery so that we wont calculate.


Here is files i used: https://github.com/chris1111/Legacy-Video-patch/tree/master/Legacy-Video-patch/KEXT/InstallKext










Seen more than one place issue never solved where HD3000 freezes. Maybe Gt2 bug?



#UPDATE#2; Still crashing but i guess freezing COULD  be due sound chip? I bring this up as i can hear sound still some time during freeze. But under Win7 there can come sudden *brrrrr* sound like glitch when i close the program (like video player). Now looking soundcard.

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We have guides for these ageing Sandy Bridge E6x20 models. I've stated it numerous times: HD3000 is glitchy on those laptops (and many others too) after Yosemite in which I found it last worked properly. Forcing VRAM to 2GB (with 8GB+ of RAM) does help in a way but it's not definitive and glitches will still occasionally occur. HD3000 is not great, that's all.


This being said, there's no reason why your E6320 would regularly freeze under High Sierra so your setup must be wrong. Check your BIOS settings and adjust according to the recommended settings I posted for the E6220 in this very E6xxx forum section. Consult our existing E6x20 guides (I recommend my own E6220 guide) to check the installation process you followed and the files you used (patched tables, config files, kexts).


Post a zipped copy of your Clover EFI folder, I'm sure there is stuff to adjust in it.

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Yes thanks you too because i started actually by using your E6220 guide.

I had to make some tweaks on those like move different Ethernet kext which did bring up gps and else like second hard drive which you don't have (i assume) appeared wrongly or not at all and needed go other fixes. I had to move too on other FakeSMC.kext too but completely forgot what problem it did fix but i know i need it*.

*= I checked and most likely it is your patched "(on/off supported with Broadcom Controller Transport patch injected to FakeSMC kext)" version.


Boot config i have ONLY slide=0 at the moment.



I agree that HD3000 is not great.. with HD4600 no these problems but own then.



Regularly when i push harder and longer the whole setup. Like programming and video and Opera + data transfer in background and it could suddenly freeze in GPU terms somehow as i can move cursor but nothing responds when click anywhere. If just some light work for some hours the freezing wont appear or happen. I use more than that so i suspect not many users find it.


I have 1GB VRAM at moment and went through the settings as explained earlier post i went even further what is visible settings even in BIOS and changed to more like a preferred.


At the moment with older hd3000 kexts it is starting to feel like now it could work without freezing. Some glitches occurs but thats just still unfixed. No freezing last night or still today finally after in months.




One little problem is with keyboard / mouse is that dragging is not possible and scrolling too. If have hotfix for those i am listening. PS2voodoo is in use currently.

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