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Dell 7490 In Memory Panic


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I have almost the same configuration hardware in the guide except processor is i5 not i7: https://osxlatitude.com/forums/topic/11410-dell-latitude-7490-with-i7-8650u-intel-uhd-620-and-1920x1080-lcd-mojavecatalina/?do=findComment&comment=94853


I am stuck from this step:

- on 1st reboot, boot off the USB installer and select the freshly created "macOS install from <target Catalina partition>" (I never passed this)

- repeat this until this partition is no longer offered and only the target Catalina partition is left to boot

- Reboot the target Catalina partition via your USB installer


With up-to-date clover / provided clover, updating kexts or without update, same config file. Always stuck with in memory panic.


I cannot figure out what's wrong ending with restart loops.

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