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Optiplex 3050: failing to boot the USB installer


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I got the system to install and made clover on the boot drive, now the sound doesn't work and also wifi 

Those are my last two things to fix 


I tried to use the plist that was left that fixed the HDMI sound but it made my system turn off when booting into it at the home screen 

I edit my plist to add the ram into the SMBIOS so the system boots correctly 


Whats a good wifi card to swap out in this system for it to work

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I have a 3050 Micro OptiPlex that I just cannot get to install Catalina. This is my first attempt at a Hackintosh build so I'm sure I'm doing something wrong. I've grabbed your posted configs and used them, however I just stay stuck on the black screen with the Apple logo. 


OptiPlex 3050 Micro

i5-7500T @2.7




Any help would be much appreciated, I'm at the point of giving up but would really love to see this working.


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I attached my EFI folder which I got working, you need to put your ram in the SMBIOS in clover configurator that way you won't get stuck 

then I used 

choose option 2: Enable HIDPI (with patch)

this got the pink tint issue fixed for me first try.


I dont have internet working or sound at the moment 


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OMG thank you so much, it was the memory part that was causing my issues! I'm seeing a progress bar for the first time so that's something. Haven't done your fix to fix the pink issue, I'll try and understand that if needed.


Thanks again!

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