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Latitude E5570 - Core™ i5-6300U - disk is not convertible to APFS


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Hi All,

i am trying to install Catalina 15.14 on a 5570 and am successfull in reaching the installer window. i followed this guide from Jake Lo with latest clover and bootpack E7x70 because the specs are closest to the system i have.


I also did the step in disk utility Boot with the USB installer, start Disk Utility and initialize your SSD as an APFS drive, name it "Catalina". But when i want to start the installation and open the installer log i get the error "Unable to get FS for volume" in the beginning and it stops with

"disk is not convertible to APFS"

i tried with two different ssd's and even with ons M2 disk all with the same error, does someone have an idea?



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When you boot the USB installer and reach the Catalina installation screen, do not initialize your disk as an APFS drive. Instead, format your target partition as HFS+ (Journaled) and ensure you've used the GUID partition scheme of course. Your drive/partition will automatically get converted to APFS volume during Catalina's installation.

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Hi Hervé


thanks for your swift response and help, i tried that without success, even more i also tried with another USB and bootpack on an optiplex 5060 and i get the same error.

Even with HFS+ (Journaled). 


its strange

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