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How do I install the custom BIOS?


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Ok so I finally got OS X Lion running on my D820(Intel) after a while, and I really want to install the custom BIOS. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. Can someone help me out? I honestly don't know how to do this with FreeDOS. I need to know what commands to do. Please and Thank you^^! Yes I've seen the other guides, and I won't use TinyXP

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You need a USB (doesn't have to be very big). unetbootin is used to create a boot USB stick

(http://tuxtweaks.com/2009/09/create-a-bootable-freedos-usb-drive-on-windows/) create it so it has freedos on it (and the guide is to create it on a windows PC so assume you have access to windows). A MAC version is on the sourceforge page http://sourceforge.net/projects/unetbootin/ - steps to create the stick will be the same as the tuxtweaks guide.


Once created download and copy the D820I.EXE (rename it from the long version name so it conforms to DOS name length restrictions) to the usb stick (unzipped from the correct download from




Make sure your laptop is connecting to mains power.


Boot off usb.

Hit enter for default load.

Select option 2 and hit enter.

Once at a: prompt type c: and hit enter.

At c: prompt type dir/w to view contents of USB stick.

Type D820I.EXE and follow the prompts to flash.

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Now all I gotta do is find an apple sticker xD.


Find a friend/relative/colleague who has got an ipad - they seem to get a couple of stickers in every pack ;-)


I tried it but ended up removing the stickers (felt a bit self conscious!)- could of done with making a little bit of packing/blanking to cover the Dell logo insert first before sticking them on - would stop the stickers sinking where the logo is and the "Dell" showing through.

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