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E7440 WIFI problem


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Hello everybody !


I followed the very good guide about the Latitude 7440 Installation for Catalina 10.15.4 and... all is almost working !


Maybe, you can help me, i'm completly stucked .

Contrary to the guide I followed , I don't have a Broadcom inside my laptop, this is another Wireless Card which seems to be supported : 


this is this one : Dell     DW1601        ½Min PCIe   168c-0034   AR94624      A/B/G/N/AD   N  N  N   Y   Y  Y    N    (=AR5B22)


I try different ways to install this one without success. I used the package that is provided in the guide :


EFI 10.15.4 e7440 V2.zip


I don't know where I'm wrong... could you please help me ? 





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It's not a good card for Hackintosh purposes. Replace it with a Broadcom compatible model.

Of course, it's important you consult the correct wireless card inventory to that effect and read things with all due attention...


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