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Bug reporting?


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Hi guys!


I see the Bug Report section is not really working. Either pointing to non existing sections or...just WIP like this section....So..I couldn't find anything useable for reporting bugs. Is there a working dedicated section for that? Should we use a thread here in the Feedback section?


I just wanted to mention a few issues regarding the post editor. It's got some issues. For example, deleting attachments and saving...the attachments are still there. Basically you can't delete attachments.

Also, it seems to have some weird caching or something... You change something and it's not visible... You need to exit that thread, come back, and even then it's still not updated.


Anyway, I'm just curious if you guys are aware of these issues and if there's any dedicated section/thread we can use to report these bugs until any of the official sections are working.

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