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E6320 Help!!


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Hey guys!


I recently got a new laptop (e6320) and i now have lion installed. everything is working GREAT! except for a few things......


i can't get sleep to work, wifi (need new card recommendations???) and speedstep. i am running at full clock and it is running really hot..... what can i do to solve this....i have the voodoopstate installed in the lion extra folder but pstatemenu tells me that voodoopstate is not loaded...please help with these few issues




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Dear dbyte,



Welcome to os x latitude.


Please read our installation guide in the osxlatitude.com website for a quick run down on how to install os x.


From my quick check, both E6220 and E6320 models have similar chipset.


You can try to use the bootpack for E6220 for the usb installer and EDP for E6220 to configure your os system upon first boot.



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