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E6430 Nvidia Yosemite install help


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I have Dell Latitude E6430 A13 BIOS with NVIDIA NVS 5200M and like to install Yosemite 10.10.3. I have Optimus turned  off in the BIOS. My USB of Yosemite 10.10.3 has Clover on it, but installer never loads and goes to Black screen then reboots. SATA is set to AHCI,  Secure boot off, Boot List Options is UEFI, and Legacy Option ROMs are on too. 


Thanks in advance

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I  tried booting with -v but it still goes to black screen and reboots. It's hard for me to see any errors in all the text that shows up. But I will add some pictures of it here. When I press spacebar, I cannot edit anything but it lets me boot in verbose mode. I had to click the small 'options' button on the bottom to add 'debug=0x100' but that made things worse, and stays in black screen for good.


The 'kext-dev-mode=1' is already in there so that will not do anything here.


I have limited experience with hackintosh but my hunch is it is not detecting the display/screen or video card. My resolution is 1366x768 if that is useful.



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