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Dell XPS 13 L322x: can it run Mojave?


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I was wondering if anyone has had any success installing Mojave on this laptop. I have El Capitan working great, just cannot get the accelerated Graphics to work on Mojave, always get a black screen when I try and inject Intel graphics via Clover. It boots fine without the acceleration and show the notorious 7mb Graphics memory. Any help appreciated. 


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I don't have that laptop. Just an idea. Have you tried using Lilu + WEG + correct ig-platform-id instead? Here's the list of all available ig-platform-ids. Try to use some of the default ones.


Make a separate config for testing only Mojave, and select it from Clover GUI (I think it's under Options). This way you can always boot back to El Cap. If you need to replace/update kexts, my recommendation would be to work on a USB drive, where you can test whatever you need, instead of your main partition. Also, you might want to uncheck Inject Intel in Clover config and do your configuration from Devices -> Properties. Here all you need is to add your iGPU device address (usually PciRoot(0x0)/Pci(0x2,0x0) ) on the left, and on the right, "AAPL,ig-platform-id" as the key, and the value need to be in reversed bytes depending on your actual framebuffer. Type DATA.


For example, for HD4000, you could try one of these: 0x01660003 (default), 0x01660009, 0x01660004.

And the way you add them in config is, for example for 0x01660003 -> 03006601 (no "0x"). Read from right to left, in pairs of two.


As I said, I don't have that laptop, aaand I know it's usually not an easy task to get a laptop to run macos, buuut...I think it might be doable. Especially if you already have a working system. All you have to do is get your graphics fixed.


So if you have old kexts like IntelGraphicsFixup or whatever the name was, you might wanna remove that and use Lilu + Whatevergreen instead. Make sure they're also updated. You can use Clover Configurator for that.


Wish you good luck! :) 

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