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OPTIPLEX 3050 - Install Mojave Impossible


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I'm French, excuse me for my English. I have an Dell optiplex 3050 with : i5-7500T, HD 630, SSD 120GB, 4 GB memory.


I am trying to install Mojave, but my PC restarts in a loop. I tried with plist files, EFI files for Dell Optiplex 3050, without success... I also tried with kexts files... I'm talking about modifying DVMT... etc. With Refit... but I don't understand anything...


I am told to type in efi: setup_var 0x795 0x2 and setup_var 0x4ed 0x0. But since I don't know how to start on a key with Refit ...


Can you help me ?


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First of all, welcome to OSXL!

Can you try booting with verbose + debug 0x100 mode by pressing the space bar at Clover GUI and selecting them?

Post the error message you get

Post the Clover files you're using for the installer or link to where you got it so we can review if your files are correct.

Make sure you also have the BIOS setting set correctly, mainly you need the following:

  • Secure boot Disable
  • Enable UEFI
  • Enable AHCI
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