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DW1802 wireless card

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I hear that the DW1802 is Atheros AR4962, and it is supported with Ath9KFixup.kext or Atheros40.kext plugin info.plist edit.


I have this same card, and I am going to try this with patched IO80211Family.kext later tonight...


I will report my findings here! Not holding out a lot of hope for this Qualcomm AC combo card, but worth a try at least. If it works, I will be so happy (and it will mean I won't have to reinstall a new OS again).


Here is the line from "Supported" list:


Dell     DW1802        NGFF/M.2    168c-0034   AR94621       A/B/G/N     Y  Y   ?  ?   N   (=AR5B22)


Y Y is Sierra and High Sierra OOTB... Mojave is ?, but reported working with 10.13.6 kext edit + replacement. It is definitely NOT an AR5B22 tho, and mine is marked Wireless AC as well... it actually is a DW1802 and AR94621 and the Device and Vendor ID are correct too?!?!

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It looks like you got your knickers in a twist and you really ought to be careful when copying/pasting information...


According to info previously posted on (now defunct) wikidevi, DW1802 is a dual-band 802.11n card based on Qualcomm Atheros AR9462 chip, i.e. the same as an AR5B22 card; both carry the same PCI id 168c,34. Such cards don't work OOB, quite the contrary, as is very clearly indicated in our inventories... It also seems you missed the fact that the "(=AR5B22)" statement is listed under the kext/driver column, i.e. you're meant to refer to the stated model for driver info. For any given card, it never meant that it is another...


The chipset of AW-CE123H card IS NOT AR94621 (that does not even exist), the "1" in the inventory clearly being an index for a footnote. You're not the 1st person to make that particular (copy/paste) mistake, others have done the same for multiple references at Voldemort's place by copying/pasting my info without 2nd thoughts (or references to original thread of course!); it's quite ironic because it makes the paosted info quite incorrect.


The technical information we published for that card can be verified on replacement wikidevi site here or here so rest assured that what we've provided in our inventories is correct. Yours is far more dubious and, on the 802.11ac front, you may have confused DW1802 with DW1820, which also happens to be totally unsupported.

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