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E5250 Mojave Installation - Intel 5500HD Graphics


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I have used the guides on this site to install Mojave on a Dell E5250 (using the Bootpack from this post here) and all is good apart from the Intel IGP.  It is reporting as 6000 HD with 4Mb of ram when it is 5500 HD.  Also, the following error is logged during boot:



[IGPU] Graphics Drive Failed to Load: could not register with Framebuffer driver!


I have attached my Clover folder but if you require further debug info, please let me know.




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Same error as before - Could not Register with Framebuffer.  Graphics showing as Intel HD Graphics 6000 4Mb.


Hackintool shows Current framebuffer as:

Model - Macbook Pro 12.1

Inter Generation - ???

Platform ID - 0xFFFFFFFF

GPU Device ID - 0x1616800086

GPU Name - Intel HF Graphics 6000

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I know you're using a Distro for your installer probably due to not having access to a real Mac to make a vanilla installer.

I believe this is the cause of your many issues.

But since you now have a running MacOS, you can download a full vanilla image from AppStore.

Follow any Clover guide to create a vanilla installer and keep the current Clover folder as your bootpack.

Here's my Clover Catalina guide and Mojave guide just above it. 

Good luck.

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