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E6230 Freezing following sleep after 10.15.5 update


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Following the update to Catalina 10.15.5, my E6230 is experiencing frequent freezes (requiring holding the power button to restart).

I noticed Herve's comment for this update about the cpu-specific SSDT, but I had already generated that and put it into EFI/Clover/ACPI/Patched.

I also have the SSDT-PNLF.aml from Jake's guide in there as well - do I still need that?

I'm running Clover r5118

I've attached my debug file.


Thanks in advance for any advice-



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You have a kinda of hybrid configuration with conflicting settings: for instance AICPUPM patch + generated CPU-specific SSDT but also KernelPm patch and no dropping of CpuPm/Cpu0Ist SSDT tables. You need to chose which CPU power management method you want to use because it's either/or, not a mix of them.

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Hi Herve,


Thanks very much for the reply.  It's been a while since I reviewed my power management settings.


I realized that instead of dropping specific SSDT tables, I was setting DropOem=true, which is only recommended for SandyBridge and older CPU's.


But I have two follow-up questions if you wouldn't mind helping me a bit more:

1) RehabMan's "generic" HD4000 1366x768 config.plist also drops Cpu0Cst and ApCst.  What about those two?

2) I did not think I had the KernelPm patch enabled as it is both unchecked and "greyed out" in Clover Configurator. RehabMan only recommends it for Haswell and later.  But sure enough, when I open config.plist in a text editor, KernelPm is set to /true.  Is this a bug in Clover Configurator?  Should I just edit config.plist by hand and change /true to /false?


Thanks again-

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