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[SUCCESS] Dell latitude E5440: Catalina 10.15.4 100% working


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Can you please help with mine hdmi video works fine on Latitude E5440 Catalina 10.15.4 But no audio only through internal speaker.

here is my clover folder please can you tell me what to change and which kext i don't need. i also want to make it faster boot


thanx in advance.



here is the ioreg file while HDMI  pluged in: 

MacBook Pro.ioreg

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I finished my Hackintosh and it's perfect 😍

What's working ?


-  Battery Management

-  Trackpad and Gestures

-  Bright Control

-  Bluetooth


-  Audio

-  Ethernet

- INTEL WIFI CARD (but you need to download the Heliport 1.0.0)


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Hello jake lo everything was working great until my laptop freeze  randomly. i do not know what is causing this problem, can you plase help me to go through this( ps i am using an extrenal hard drive)

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