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Jake Lo

HP 840 G3 Big Sur Beta3- OpenCore

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Success: HP840 G3 with DW1830 


Sleep / Wake

SD card reader

Internal speaker / Headphone

Keyboard / Touchpad

Ethernet / Wifi (replaced with DW1830)

DP video / Audio

USB 3.0 Ports

VGA (not tested, don't care for it)


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I do know from my experience that the HP Pro Books and Elite books are some of the easiest hacks out there. Chris1111 has done a lot of work creating the Pro Book installer, which he did update to work with BS and OC. What Open Core method did you use?


Just did a quick google search and that is one very popular Hack-Book. That is why I really like HP.

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I'm not familiar with Chris1111's installer but do remember Pokenuygen has a Probook Installer back in the days. I did the build the vanilla way, using createinstallmedia command to create the installer and adding the EFI OpenCore boot files files.

Hotpatched SSDT are based mainly from Rehabman's GitHub. There's a strange issue where the internal drive is not detected by Big Sur but no issue with Catalina and below using the same files. A member in Insanelymac also had this very same issue who also has an HP. He has a newer model that has an I2C touchpad, so in adding support for the touchpad, he discovered that it also enabled the Internal drive to be detected by Big Sur.  So even though the Elitebook 840 G3 doesn't have an I2C touchpad, enabling that driver does indeed enable the Internal drives to be detected by Big Sur...I'm still scratching my head around that but hey, as long as it works.


Currently the TrackPoint is not working, touchpad works just fine with Rehabman's voodoops2Controller, but no multitouch gestures. I'm currently looking at this new kext call VoodooSMBus + VoodooRMI, that's suppose to give better support. This model is suppose to be supported according to the description. We'll see how it goes.

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