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[Solved] E7240: Stuck on EXITBS:START on Catalina Installer


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I've been trying to install Catalina 10.15.6 for the last 2 days and I can't seem to get around this error no matter what I do.

My laptop is a Latitude E7240 with an i5-4300U and 1366x768 screen.

I followed your Catalina Clover Guide and I used Clover v5119, your E7440_Catalina bootpack and I updated all the kexts to their latest versions, but to no avail.

I attached my EFI folder along with a screenshot.


Thank you!


EDIT: I have read the other posts and I tried all those solutions but nothing worked. I tried booting with a SATA SSD, I have no wifi card installed and nothing plugged in the computer except the USB installer stick. I also tried the -igfxvesa arg, but no success.



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