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Help with latitude 3400 - Catalina

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Hi, I'm trying to hack a Dell Latitude 3400.


But the moment I select 'Install MacOS Catalina', the screen goes black and nothing happens (the pen-drive reading light even turns off).


I saw that here on the forum there is an installation topic on that same model, so I think the problem may be me and not the incompatibility.


Anyway, I think it is some problem related to BIOS.
I tried to follow these settings:

, but in my BIOS I don't have the option "Legacy Option ROMS".

These are the options I have in the BIOS:

As I don't have access to a mac to create a bootable USB stick, I downloaded the images from the olarilla forum:
Catalina 10.15.6;
Catalina 10.15.3;
Mojave 2020.
And all the images happen the same problem.

If anyone knows what it can be, and can help me, I would be grateful!

Aida64 Report.rar

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Legacy Option ROMS are for older generation Dell laptops only. You don't need that for your system.

Just set to the Default and then only set the following settings:

  • UEFI enabled
  • AHCI enabled
  • Secure Boot disabled
  • Fast Boot disabled


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Hello @Jake Lo.
I was able to install macOS Catalina 10.15.6. After installing, I used the folder provided in the post

Everything is working correctly (Trackpad, Audio, Network), but the HDMI output is not working. I tried to change the ig-platform-id several times. In these tests sometimes, when HDMI is connected, the machine is restarted.

I am attaching the EFI folder that I am currently using as an attachment, and I apologize for being totally layman.

Thanks in advance!



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