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Dell Latitude 3490 / 3590 Wireless issue (DW1820)

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Hello guys.


Followed the great guide for the Dell Latitude 3490 here but on my Laditude 3590.


Installation was a success but even as my Latitude 3590 uses the Dell DW1820 which should work only the Bluetooth part works.

Don't have any wireless module in the Network section. Already tested the DW1820 by installing Windows to see if the module is showing up there.

So in Windows the wireless module is fully functional (even connected the a WLAN Network and downloaded some stuff).


I have the feeling that some kexts don't get loaded or are not active. Usually the green dot at the kext indicates if it is active, or ?


Other issue is the really terrible touchpad. The pointer is sometimes jumping around like a drunken frog.

As there was absolutely no change after adding the kexts i guess the kexts aren't loaded here too.


Already tried to fix permissions (manually), even with Kext Wizard (additional installation of the kexts and fix permission)



Screenshot at Sep 19 13-01-19.png

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DW1820 is not supported. If it's a DW1820A card, which is a totally different model, see our BCM4350 article and guide here. You may consult our Wireless Cards inventories too.


Green dot next to kexts is what is called a tag. You can Google about it, it's an old OS X feature to label/sort/filter files. It can be applied to any file and can be of any other available colour. Absolutely nothing to do with a kext being "active" or not, no.


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